In-Line Precision Indexing Chassis Models

IC-ULUpper & Lower
Cam Shaft
IC-UUpper Cam Shaft
IC-LLower Cam Shaft
ICConveyor Only

Features Common To All Models

Up to 6000 indexes per hour
A wide range of applications can be easily met by the variable speed motor with solid state control, torque limitor, dynamic braking, and overload protection.

High positioning tolerance

Standard models with up to 36 chain links provide a positioning tolerance of .005 inches for precise alignment between links and mounted tooling.

Smooth conveyor chain movement with no backlash

Intermittent conveyor chain movment with minimum vibration is generated by a disc with precision rollers engaging the contour of a barrel type cam. The rollers of the disc are locked within the cam contour and preloaded.

Choice of index periods
Index periods of 270, 180, 120, and 90 and corresponding dwell periods of 90, 180, 240, and 270 give the In-Line Chassis the versatility to take on a variety of applications.

Long lasting, non-stretch conveyor chain
The conveyor chain is constructed of flat alloy steel plates connected by hardened steel pins and bushings. Each link station contains dowel pins and adjacent tapped holes for accurate workholder fixture positioning. The conveyor chain is automatically lubricated on a periodic basis through the use of a timer control. The chain runs on and is supported by a combination of the chain rollers and the structure of the chain frame for low friction load and high link stability.

Heavy duty drive
Long life, accuracy, and high speed under high inertial and torque conditions are provided with the use of a variable speed motor and a gear reductor, directly coupled to the cam shaft. A 1.625-inch diameter lower cam shaft with a .375 keyway for Dane C5 split cams and two 1.250-inch diameter lever shafts for Dane CL5 cam levers run the entire length below the in-line chasis. An upper 1.250 diamter cam shaft and 1.00 lever shafts for Dane C4 cams and CL4 levers repsectively, run the above the length of the chassis.

Precise timing
Sequence control between the index motion and cam chaft is accomplished by using a silent gear chain with take-up idler to couple the cam shaft and the input shaft of the index drive. Adjustments are easily made using a large timing dial calibrated from 0 to 360 in 1 increments.

Our model IC-UL In-line precision indexing conveyer chassis, with a cam and lever assembly existing both above and below the tooling surface is a versatile, self-contained, standardized machine base for high-speed, smooth, accurate motion transfer. The fully mechanical unit is ideal for reliable automatic assembly, fabrication, packaging, inspection, and testing of small components.

The in-line chassis has been modularly designed to accept the full range of Dane automation components.

The cam lever assembly positioned above the tooling surface, with 1.250 cam shaft, allows for the installation of devices such as our precision placers inside the trace of the conveyer chain. Inboard tool mounting frees the area around the perimeter of the in-line chassis to facilitate the installation of safety guards and vibratory feeders.

The cam lever assembly positioned below the tooling surface, with 1.625 cam shaft, allows installation of devices such as precision placers outside the track of the conveyor chain. Outboard mounting also allows handling of heavy fixturing and parts.

During consideration of your specific needs, the following parameters will serve as a starting point to our discussions:

  1. Cycling Rate, (Indexes per minute or indexes per hour)
  2. Index period, (Degrees)
  3. Number of stations
  4. Number and weight of fixturing including product for each conveyor chain link
  5. Direction of rotation of conveyor chain, (CW or CCW viewed from above chassis)
  6. Plant utilities available: air, vacuum, electricity, etc.
R. D. Dane Corp. invites inquiries into the total design and manufacturing of automation equipment.
High Profile Machine Bases
Model MBHP
The Model MBHP is a versatile high profile standardized machine base with built-in cam and cam lever shaft assembly available in two configurations for production requirements, including automatic high speed assembly of small comonents, fabrication, packaging, and inspection. Used as a sturdy base, a wide range of cams, levers, etc. may be positioned below the work surface to maximize ground tooling surface area for indexer and production tooling.

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